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YITH WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

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Product Description

YITH WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

YITH WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses – The customer placed three products in his cart and, while surfing, he finds an item that he considers perfect as a birthday present for his father who lives in another country.
Satisfied, he adds this to the cart as well, while thinking of his father’s happiness when he would unexpectedly receive the gift.

But when he’s about to end payment, he realizes that he can’t make one order and select two different shipping addresses. He’s forced to take away his father’s gift from his cart and plan to make a new order later. As soon as he has 5 minutes, he thinks, maybe later, maybe the next day.

Maybe never, as is often the case. Because in the meantime he will find a similar product on another e-commerce, or maybe he will find it on a better price in another store, who knows.

Whatever the reason, in fact a product removed from the order is a lost sale that will hardly be recovered.
Now imagine that Alex chose to remove his products and buy only the gift for his father. In this case, the economic loss would not be of a product but three. And imagine that this situation in your e-commerce occurs several times over a week or a month.


YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce is a solution that allows your customer to select the delivery of individual products to completely different addresses with great simplicity and speed.

An incredibly versatile plugin that will allow your customers to make multiple purchases for friends, colleagues, and family members in just one order. Consider what this tool will do for your business next Christmas, when Alex chooses to buy his gifts for his father and all of his friends away on your website

allow multi-shipping for each order
allow users to manage shipping addresses from Checkout and My Account pages
split the quantity of a product added to cart between different shipping addresses
exclude certain products or categories from multi-shipping
enable/disable multi-shipping for product variations
manage each shipping status within the order
send a notification email to customers when a shipping status changes



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