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WP Job Manager – Extended Location

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Product Description

WP Job Manager – Extended Location

These days, businesses need to make it as simple as possible for potential customers who are searching for products or services. One small but important part of that process? Being easy to find – literally. This plugin will help businesses be more visible as customers navigate your site.

With auto-suggest functionality and a Google-powered map, the Extended Location add-on will allow listing owners to optimize their listing, plus improve your site’s relevance for visitors. Check out the features of this awesome plugin below.


This interactive map makes it easy for listing owners to pinpoint exactly where they can be found:

The intelligent auto-suggest search box will find the business’ location, and show it on the map instantly
Drag and drop the pin to the exact location, avoiding any issues with Google indexing, lack of map data, or if a business is based in a rural area
By clicking the compass icon in the search box, the current location will be shown automatically (using IP address data)
And the map can be disabled by simply unchecking a checkbox under Location Settings in the WordPress admin.

This lovely little intuitive feature auto-suggests the customer’s city location on the front page of the site. When the plugin is activated it will automatically suggest the customer’s location (otherwise this field will appear blank). This uses IP address services, returning the city the customer is in.


Do you have listings that are based in one area or city? Set the default location for your site from the Location Settings tab in the WordPress admin.



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