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WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO

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Product Description

WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO

WooCommerce Email Customiser PRO

Email Templates

Beautiful Customized Emails.

Email Customiser PRO permits full customization of your Woocommerceemails. it has now become easier to customize the compplements of the email (header , footer formats adding custom links, changing and customizing colors, with only using the already known WordPress Customizer interfacer through shortcodes. So being a web developer is no longer a condition to be able to adjust those changes. Moreover, you can even add your own custom css.

Today, customization is possible through accessing the code and editing the PHP template files, and for a non-developer it causes many difficulties and inconveniences. We have worked out a platform – the WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO – which simplifies the customization and sends test emails when the work is done.

The plugin also adds such funchtinality to your WooCommerce Orders Page that now, Before sending or resending the email to the customer of yourself, you can browse a preview of many of the email templates New Order, Invoice Processing Order, etc,. Email communication is the simpler with WooCommerce Email Customiser PRO. The plugin makes the whole process easier for the user and more solid for the company.

Compatible for:

Customizing of the styling, colors, header & footer format, add custom links, link to your social networks, and even customize what the email says.

Tailor what your customer reads and sees, before you send it – helping your operation to look and sound as solid as is.

Developers who can now also easily preview changes as they develop, modify or enhance custom email template files.

Shop manager who want to preview & send/resend emails. New Order, Invoice, etc, right from the plugin option page.

This plugin is for custom email templates not for standard WooCommerce templates.. Users can custom our 10 templates with unique, responsive and modern design. All the templates you can view here.



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