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Theme Tester – WP Multilingual


Product Description

Theme Tester – WP Multilingual

Theme Tester – WP Multilingual Compatibility Tester plugin helps theme and plugin developers verify readiness of their code for multilingual sites. It will automatically generate test content in different languages, allowing to review what works correctly and what requires attention.

Here is an example of what you can get from the Compatibility Tester plugin:

Click on the screenshots to zoom in. You will notice that all the texts start with ‘Spanish’. The compatibility tester tool did that. It automatically duplicated all the site’s content to Spanish and added dummy translation. Now, when we look at the Spanish page, we can easily find any texts that were not translated. It will help us spot problems with untranslatable texts and focus our attention on them.

The tester plugin automatically generates translations for:

Posts, pages and custom types
Custom fields
Tags, categories and custom taxonomy
All translatable strings
How to install and use the Compatibility Tester plugin

This tool is intended for developers, running development sites. It will produce new test content and modify existing translations, so you should never run it on production or client sites.

Here is an outline of what we’re going to do:

Create a test site with your test content, showing everything that the theme does (in one language)

Every WordPress theme and plugin has some hard-coded texts. If you’ve followed the WordPress coding guidelines, all these texts will be wrapped in gettext calls, described in the WordPress i18n guide. If not, now would be a great time to fix this.



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