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Stitched Woothemes

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Product Description

Stitched Woothemes

Stitched Woothemes – Stitched – a lean theme for Artisans. Welcome your visitors with a friendly look & feel, telling them about yourself via the homepage introduction component. Display your team members, projects, products and more with a hand-crafted yet professional aesthetic.

Stitched Woothemes – Plugin Integrations
Add features & functionality via plugins, or keep Stitched a lean and mean blogging theme. The power is in your hands. Stitched features full integration with the following plugins:

Sell your products using our acclaimed eCommerce plugin: WooCommerce. Download WooCommerce.

Create and display a portfolio of your work in a featured homepage section. Download Projects.

Create courses, lessons, quizzes – WordPress style. Combine with WooCommerce to sell your learning material. Purchase Sensei.

Testimonials are a great way to sell your services to visitors. Publish, manage and display them with Stitched and the testimonials plugin. Download Testimonials.

Tell your visitors all about your products key features and display them on your homepage with Stitched. Download Features.

Our Team
Your team is your biggest asset. Stitched allows you to showcase them on your homepage. Download Our Team.

Subscribe & Connect
Give your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your content and connect with you via social networks. Download Subscribe & Connect.

Homepage Control
Gain complete control of your homepage. Toggle component visiblity then drag and drop to re-order. Download Homepage Control.

A lean theme for artisans
Stitched showcases a friendly, personable look & feel ideal for the sole trader / small business that wants to appear approachable yet professional. The hand-crafted aesthetic is perfect for artisans looking for a platform to share or sell their work.



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