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Hummingbird – The Ultimate Blog Theme

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Product Description

Hummingbird – The Ultimate Blog Theme

Hummingbird is a feature-rich, well-designed blog theme for WordPress. Choose from numbers of useful features, mix them together and create your own unique style.

5 Blog Layouts

1st Big + List
1st Big + Grid

3 Sidebar Layouts

Right Sidebar
Left Sidebar
No Sidebar / Full Width

4 Header Styles

Sticky + Transparent

3 Hero Styles + 2 Hero Content Types

Wide Hero + Image
Wide Hero + Slider
Full Hero + Image
Full Hero + Slider
Narrow Hero + Image
Narrow Hero + Slider

4 Featured Area Styles

Wide Boxes
Big Slider
Narrow Boxes
Centered Boxes

4 Post Formats + Hero

Regular Post + Standard Featured Image
Regular Post + Wide Featured Image Hero
Regular Post + Full Featured Image Hero
Regular Post + Narrow Featured Image Hero
Audio Post + Standard Audio Embed
Audio Post + Wide Audio Embed Hero
Audio Post + Narrow Audio Embed Hero
Video Post + Standard Video Embed
Video Post + Wide Video Embed Hero
Video Post + Narrow Video Embed Hero
Gallery Post + Standard Slider
Gallery Post + Wide Slider Hero
Gallery Post + Full Slider Hero
Gallery Post + Narrow Slider Hero

3 Pagination Styles

Regular Navigation
Numeric Pagination
AJAX Load More

2 Media Feed Styles + 3 Media Feed Sources

First Big Media Feed + Instagram
First Big Media Feed + Dribbble
First Big Media Feed + 500px
One Row Media Feed + Instagram
One Row Media Feed + Dribbble
One Row Media Feed + 500px

Custom Widgets

Hummingbird: Instagram
Hummingbird: Flickr
Hummingbird: 500px
Hummingbird: Dribbble
Hummingbird: Facebook
Hummingbird: About
Hummingbird: Social Links
Hummingbird: Categories
Hummingbird: Recent Posts
Hummingbird: Top Posts
Hummingbird: Picked Posts



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