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Coupons Add-On Gravity Forms

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Product Description

Coupons Add-On Gravity Forms

The Gravity Forms Coupons Add-On is only available to Developer License owners , but in our site you can take it separately for a little value of money .

The Coupons Add-On allows you to easily implement coupon functionality on order forms created with Gravity Forms.

Create coupons that can only be used on a specific Gravity Form or a coupon that can be used on any Gravity Form with a Coupon Field.
Coupons can apply either a flat rate off the total or apply a discount percentage depending on how you configure each individual coupon.
Set a Start Date and/or an Expiration Date and apply Usage limits to control how many times a coupon can be used
Control if a coupon can be applied when another coupon has already been applied. Prevent double dipping!
Quickly integrate Coupons with any Gravity Forms powered order form that utilizes Pricing Fields.
Implementing Coupons is as easy as adding a Coupon Field to your form and then creating your Coupons!
Conditional logic, limiting after a certain date or number of entries… it’s no different than implementing any other field in Gravity Forms!



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